Title: Specifying Runtime Environments and Functionalities of Downloadable Compoments under the Sandbox Model
Author(s): Haruhiko Kaiya and Kenji Kaijiri.
Source: In Takuya Katayama, Tetsuo Tamai, and Naoki Yonezaki, editors, International Symposium on Principles of Software Evolution, pp. 138-142, Kanazawa, Japan, Nov. 2000. IEEE Computer Society Press, Isdn 0-7695-0906-1.
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In this paper, we propose a specification of both runtime environments and software components which can be loaded not only from your local system but also from the other systems over the computer network. Because components from the other system are not always enough reliable or safe to act freely in your own system, you should limit their activities to a certain context. Such assumption is based on the sandbox security model. Because such components are largely influenced by the runtime environments, users sometimes lose sight of the abilities and limitations of such components. Therefore, they fail to reuse the components in the right way. We provide a way to specify such properties, so that component users can precisely understand the abilities and limitations.
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