Mathematical Analysis on pattern formation, propagation and interfacial phenomena

About this Workshop

This workshop focuses on the phenomena of pattern formation, propagation, and interface motion. The workshop will bring together researchers who actively study partial differential equations using mathematical theory, numerical simulation methods and mathematical modeling. Through presentations and discussions with participants, we expect to exchange idea and viewpoints among participants and to strengthen the relationship between researchers in mathematical theory and researches in materials science, life science, and other phenomena.


Michael C. Dallaston(Queensland University of Technology)
Alejandro Garriz(Toulouse Mathematics Institute)
Shuji Ishihara(The University of Tokyo)
Yuta Ishii(National Institute of Technology, Ibaraki College)
Ryo Ito(Kanagawa University)
Mayuko Iwamoto(Doshisha University)
Hideki Murakawa(Ryukoku University)
Kentaro Nagahara(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Jun Okamoto(Kyoto University)
Junping Shi(College of William & Mary)
Yuichiro Wakano(Meiji University)

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