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Goal oriented modelling

  1. Facilitating system introduction using goal and scenario analysis (Related papers: 2017a, 2017b)
  2. Improvement of ISP using GDM and model transformation (JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 15K00109) (Related Paper)
  3. Predicting Social Impacts of Information Systems, supported by Takahashi Industrial and Economic Foundation (2012) (Related Paper)
  4. Multiple Viewpoints in Goal Oriented Requirements Analysis (Related Paper )
    Joint effort with Prof. Saeki at Tokyo Inst. Tech.
  5. AGORA: Attributed Goal-Oriented Requirements Analysis (Related Paper)
    Joint effort with Prof. Saeki at Tokyo Inst. Tech.
Quality requirements
  1. Quality requirements analysis using case grammar and machine learning (Related Paper)
  2. Spectrum Analysis for Quality Requirements, supported by Kakenhi Grants (2008-2010) (Related Paper)
Security requirements
  1. Requirements Elicitation for Privacy Protection on the basis of Logging Model (JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number I5H02686) (Related Paper)
  2. Security requirements analysis using existing security documents such as CC and CAPEC (JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number I5H02686), 2015, (Related Paper)
  3. Security requirements analysis based on system architecture and data flow (Related Paper)
  4. Security requirements engineering with NII and IISEC (Related Paper)
  5. PORTAM: Policy, Requirements and Threats Analyzer for Mobile Code Application (Related Paper)
  6. Security Policy Checker and Generator for Java Mobile Code Applications (Related Paper)
Knowledge base for software engineering
  1. Ontology Based Requirements Engineering (Related Paper) supported by Kakenhi Grants (-2006)
    Joint effort with Prof. Saeki at Tokyo Inst. Tech.
  2. GANECCO: GoAl-orieNtEd preferenCe aCquisitOn, supported by Kayamori Foundation (2006-2007) (Related Paper)
  3. PAORE: Package Oriented Requirements Analysis. (Related Paper)
  1. Requirements Engineering for A System of a Small number of Systems (SoSS) (JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 18K11249) (Related paper: 2020)
  2. Avoiding human errors using transparency (JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number I5H02686) (Related paper: 2017)
  3. Traceability for Heterogeneous software engineering artifacts (JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 16H02804) (Related paper: 2020 )
  4. Requirements Engineering in Compliance with Regulations (Related Paper)
    Joint effort with Prof. Saeki at Tokyo Inst. Tech.
  5. Software Engineering in SoC, supported by STARC (2007-2010) (Related Paper)
  6. Quality of Model Transformation in Model Driven Development (Related Paper)
    Joint effort with Prof. Saeki at Tokyo Inst. Tech.
  7. MOOMIN: Confirming Suitability of SE Methods using the PSP. (Related Paper)
  8. Software Engineering in Consumer Electronics Products (Related Paper )
  9. Applying Personal Software Process (PSP) in the academic course. (Related Paper in Japanese)
  10. Facilitating and Coordinating Requirements Changes (Related Paper)
  11. Finding Symptoms of Misunderstandings in Drawing Software Design (Related Paper)
  12. Groupware for Face-to-face Meetings to Develop Software Specifications (Related Paper)
Last update: 22 Oct. 2023