kameindex 🐢

by Antoine Bossard, Kanagawa University, 2018–2019.

This is the official kameindex homepage.


kameindex is a Unicode-capable index generation program for LaTeX that is compatible with makeindex.

Usage: kameindex indexfile.idx [stylefile.ist]

More information can be found in the introductory paper:

Experimenting with makeindex and Unicode, and deriving kameindex, ArsTeXnica no. 26, October 2018
which is available at https://www.guitex.org/home/en/numero-26-ottobre-2018.

Addendum: kameindex can be used with imakeidx: it suffices to pass the option noautomatic to the \makeindex command.


kameindex is distributed under the terms of the MIT licence.

By downloading this software, you agree to the terms of this licence.


Both the source and binary versions are available for download below.


The release history of kameindex is listed below.