■■List of Publications■■

  1. Paper
    pH-Induced Switchable Vesicular Aggregation of Zwitterionic Phospholipids and Anionic Phospholipids
    Kentaro Suzuki, Kensuke Kurihara, Yusaku Okura, Taro Toyota, Tadashi Sugawara
    Chem. Lett., in press
  2. Paper
    Adhesion and Fusion of Two Kinds of Phospholipid Hybrid Vesicles Controlled by Surface Charges of Vesicular Membranes
    Kentaro Suzuki, Ryo Aboshi, Kensuke Kurihara, Tadashi Sugawara
    Chem. Lett., in press
  3. Book
    Magnetism and Conductivity
    Tadashi Sugawara, Akira Miyazaki
    Handbook of Multifunctional Molecular Materials(Ed. L. Ouahab)」(Pan Stanford Publishing, 2012) in press
  4. Book
    Constructive Approach Towards Protocells
    Tadashi Sugawara, Kensuke Kurihara, Kentaro Suzuki
    Engineering of Chemical Complexity, World Scientific Lecture Notes in Complex Systems(Eds. A.S. Mikhailov and G. Ertl)」(World Scientific, 2012) in press
  5. Review
    庄田 耕一郎, 栗原 顕輔, 菅原 正
    生物の科学 遺伝 66, 365-373 (2012)
  6. Paper
    A Programmable Single-Component Diode Based on an Ambipolar OFET
    Tadashi Sugawara, Takuro Itoh, Kentaro Suzuki, Hiroyuki Higuchi, Michio M. Matsushita
    Pure Appl. Chem. 84, 979-989 (2012)
  7. Review
    菅原 正, 栗原 顕輔, 鈴木 健太郎
    化学 67(2), 43-49 (2012)

  8. Paper
    Self-reproduction of Supramolecular Giant Vesicles Combined with the Amplification of Encapsulated DNA
    Kensuke Kurihara, Mieko Tamura, Koh-ichiroh Shohda, Taro Toyota, Kentaro Suzuki, Tadashi Sugawara
    Nat. Chem. 3, 775-781 (2011)
  9. Review
    Interplay between Magnetism and Conductivity Derived from Spin-polarized Donor Radicals
    Tadashi Sugawara, Hideji Komatsu, Kentaro Suzuki
    Chem. Soc. Rev. 40, 3105-3118 (2011)
  10. Book
    豊田太郎, 菅原正, 鈴木健太郎, 高倉克人, 栗原賢輔
    実験医学増刊 細胞を創る・生命システムを創る(竹内昌治, 上田泰己 編)」, 第一章1, pp 26-34 (羊土社, 2011)
  11. Review
    ついにできた!磁性と導電性を併せ持つ有機物質 -分子スピンエレクトロニクスへの展開-
    菅原正, 鈴木健太郎
    現代化学 481 (2011年4月号), 49-53 (2011)
  12. Paper
    Compartment Size Dependence of Performance of Polymerase Chain Reaction inside Giant Vesicle
    Koh-ichiroh Shohda, Mieko Tamura, Yoshiyuki Kageyama, Kentaro Suzuki, Akira Suyama, Tadashi Sugawara
    Soft Matter 7, 3750-3753 (2011)
  13. Paper
    Multitude of morphological dynamics of giant multilamellar vesicles in regulated non-equilibrium environments
    T. Tomita, T. Sugawara, Y. Wakamoto
    Langmuir 27, 10106-10112 (2011)
  14. Paper
    Giant Single-Molecule Conductance Response to Frontier Molecular Orbital Phase Differences
    M. Taniguchi, M. Tsutsui, R. Mogi, T. Sugawara, K. Yoshizawa, T. Kawai
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133, 11426-11428 (2011)
  15. Paper
    Dimensionality in conductance of small networks composed of gold nanoparticles and terthiophene wire-molecules
    Y. Noguchi, T. Terui, T. Katayama, M. M. Matsushita, T. Sugawara
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 263114 (3 pages) (2011)
  16. Paper
    Study of the structure and electronic state of thiolate-protected gold clusters by means of 197Au Moessbauer spectroscopy
    N. Kojima, K. Ikeda, Y. Kobayashi, T. Tsukuda, Y. Negishi, G. Harada, T. Sugawara, M. Seto
    Hyperfine Interact. 207,127-131 (2011)

  17. Book
    菅原正, 鈴木健太郎, 豊田太郎
    生命の起源をさぐる 宇宙からよみとく生物進化(日本宇宙生物科学会 奥野誠, 馬場 昭次, 山下雅道 編)」, 第二章2-1, pp 62-79(東京大学出版会, 2010)
  18. Review
    菅原正, 鈴木健太郎
    Mol. Sci. 4, A0033 (14 Pages) (2010).
  19. Paper
    Influence of Magnetic Field upon the Conductance of a Unicomponent Crystal of a Tetrathiafulvalene-Based Nitronyl Nitroxide
    Hideji Komatsu, Michio M. Matsushita, Shigefumi Yamamura, Yoko Sugawara, Kentaro Suzuki, Tadashi Sugawara
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132, 4528-4529 (2010)
  20. Paper
    Cell-sorting of Robust Self-reproducing Giant Vesicles Tolerant to a Highly Ionic Medium
    Kensuke Kurihara, Katsuto Takakura, Kentaro Suzuki, Taro Toyota, Tadashi Sugawara
    Soft Matter 6, 1888-1891 (2010)
  21. Book
    「現代生物科学入門9巻 合成生物学(浅島 誠・黒岩常祥・原雄治 編」, 第三章, pp 67-120(岩波書店, 2010)
  22. Paper
    Direct Observation of arylnitrene formation in the photoreaction of arylazide crystal
    T. Takayama, T. Mitsumori, M. Kawano, A. Sekine, H. Uekusa, Y. Ohashi, T. Sugawara
    Acta Cryst. B 66, 639-649 (2010)
  23. Paper
    Autocatalytic Membrane-amplification on a Pre-existing Vesicular Surface
    H. Takahashi, Y. Kageyama,K. Kurihara, K. Takakura, S. Murata, T. Sugawara
    Chem. Commun. 46, 8791-8793 (2010)
  24. Paper
    Superperiodic conductance in a molecularly wired double-dot system self-assembled in a nanogap electrode
    Y. Noguchi, T. Terui, T. Katayama, M. M. Matsushita, T. Sugawara
    J. Appl. Phys. 108, 094313 (5 pages) (2010)
  25. Review
    科学 89(7), 712-720 (2010).

  26. Review
    Sparkling Morphological Changes and Spontaneous Movements of Self-assemblies in Water Induced by Chemical Reactions
    Kentaro Suzuki, Taro Toyota, Katsuto Takakura, Tadashi Sugawara
    Chem. Lett. 38, 1010-1015 (2009).
  27. Paper
    Hysteretic Behavior of Diamagnetic Molecular Assembly: Magnetic Field-induced Deformation of Tubular Self-assemblies Composed of Amphiphilic Molecules
    Kentaro Suzuki, Takuya Tomita, Taro Toyota, Masakazu Iwasaka, Tadashi Sugawara
    Polyhedron 28, 253-256 (2009).
  28. Review
    ソフトマターがしなう、動く、生長する ―両親媒性分子集合体のダイナミックモルフォロジー
    菅原正, 鈴木健太郎, 豊田太郎
    日本物理学会誌 1月号, 2-11 (2009)
  29. Book
    Minimal Cell Model to Understand Origin of Life and Evolution
    Tadashi Sugawara
    「Evolutionary Biology from Concept to Application II (Ed. P. Pontarotti)」, Chap. 2, pp.23-50, (Springer Verlag, 2009)
  30. Book
    「化学5月号別冊化学のブレークスルー【有機化学編】(化学同人編集部編)」, pp 48-53 (化学同人, 2009)
  31. Paper
    Self-Propelled Oil Droplets Consuming 'Fuel' Surfactant
    T. Toyota, N. Maru, M. Hanczyc, T. Ikegami, T. Sugawara
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 131, 5012-5013 (2009).
  32. Paper
    Synthesis and Properties of TSF-based Spin-polarized Donor
    H. Komatsu, R. Mogi, M. M. Matsushita, T. Miyagi, Y. Kawada, T. Sugawara
    Polyhedron 28, 1996-2000 (2009).
  33. Paper
    Directional Migration of Neuronal PC12 cells in a Ratchet Wheel-Shaped Micro chamber, Journal of Bioscience and Bio engineering
    K. Ohnuma, T. Toyota, T. Sugawara, M. Asashima
    J. Biosci. Bioeng. 108, 76-83 (2009).
  34. Review
    Spintronics in Organic pi-Electronic Systems
    T. Sugawara, M. M. Matsushita
    J. Mater. Chem. 19, 1738-1753 (2009).
  35. Review
    スピンサイエンス学会誌 7(12), 4-13 (2009)

  36. Paper
    Association-mediated Chromism of Amphiphilic Triphenyl-6-oxoverdazyl
    Kentaro Suzuki, Michio M. Matsushita, Hiroyuki Hayashi, Noboru Koga, Tadashi Sugawara
    New J. Chem. 32, 2201-2208 (2008)
  37. Paper
    Observation of Cellular Responses to Diamagnetic Forces Acting on Cell Component
    Masakazu Iwasaka, Kentaro Suzuki, Tadashi Sugawara
    Sci. Technol. Adv. Mater. 9, 24216(4 pages) (2008)
  38. Book
    「大学授業がやってきた!知の冒険 桐光学園特別授業(桐光学園中学校・高等学校 編)」, pp 168-178 (水曜社, 2008)
  39. Paper
    Successive Fusion of Vesicles Aggregated by DNA Duplex Formation in the Presence of Triton X-100
    N. Maru, K. Shohda, T. Sugawara
    Chem. Lett. 37, 340-341 (2008)
  40. Paper
    Population Study of Sizes and Components of Self-Reproducing Giant Multilamellar Vesicles
    T. Toyota, K. Takakura, Y. Kageyama, K. Kurihara, N. Maru, K. Ohnuma, K. Kaneko, T. Sugawara
    Langmuir 24, 3037-3044 (2008)
  41. Paper
    Controlling Co-tunneling Currents in Nanoparticle Networks using Spin-PolarizedWire Molecules
    P. Nickels, M. M. Matsushita, M. Minamoto, S. Komiyama, T. Sugawara
    Small 4, 471-475 (2008)
  42. Paper
    Molecule-based system with coexisting conductivity and magnetism and without magnetic inorganic ions
    M. M. Matsushita, H. Kawakami, T. Sugawara
    Phys. Rev. B 77, 195208 (6 pages) (2008)
  43. Paper
    Cotunneling Current Affected by Spin-Polarized Wire Molecules in Networked Gold Nanoparticles
    T. Sugawara, M. Minamoto, M. M. Matsushita, P. Nickels, S. Komiyama
    Phys. Rev. B 77, 235316 (7 pages) (2008)
  44. Paper
    Generation of a triplet diradical from a donor-acceptor cross conjugate upon acid-induced electron transfer
    M. O. Sandberg, O. Nagao, Z. Wu, M. M. Matsushita, T. Sugawara
    Chem. Commun. 32, 3738-3740 (2008)
  45. Paper
    Indication of Tunneling State of Hydrogen Atom in Hydrogen-Bonded Material 5-Bromo-9-hydroxyphenalenon Studied by X-ray and Neutron Diffractions
    R. Kiyanagi, H. Kimura, M. Watanabe, Y. Noda, T. Mochida, T. Sugawara
    J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 77, 064602 (7 pages) (2008)
  46. Review
    菅原 正、松下未知雄
    月刊機能材料 7, 38-48 (2008)

  47. Review
    菅原正, 鈴木健太郎
    化学 62(11), 12-16 (2007)
  48. Paper
    Characteristic Curved Structure Derived from Collagen-containing Tubular Giant Vesicles under Static Magnetic Field
    Kentaro Suzuki, Taro Toyota, Katsuhiko Sato, Masakazu Iwasaka, Shoogo Ueno, Tadashi Sugawara
    Chem. Phys. Lett. 440, 286-290 (2007).
  49. Review
    自己生産する人工細胞の形成 ―増えよ、集え、そして語り合え!―
    菅原正, 鈴木健太郎
    生命システムをどう理解するか ―細胞から脳機能・進化に迫る融合科学(浅島誠 監修)」 第一部・第一章, pp. 9-20 (共立出版, 2007)
  50. Paper
    Heat-resistant DNA tile array constructed by template-directed photoligation through 5-carboxyvinyl-2'-deoxyuridine
    M. Tagawa, K. Shohda, K.Fujimoto,T. Sugawara, A. Suyama
    Nucleic Acids Res. 35, e140 (2007).
  51. Paper
    Fatty Acid Chemistry at the Oil-water Interface:Self-propelled Oil Droplets
    M. M. Hanczyc, T. Toyota, T. Ikegami, N. Packard, T. Sugawara
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129, 9386-9391 (2007).
  52. Paper
    Study on structural changes in supramolecular assemblies composed of amphiphilic nicotinamide and its dihydro nicotinamide derivative by flow cytometry
    Y. Kageyama, T. Toyota, S. Murata, T. Sugawara
    Soft Matter 3, 699-702 (2007).
  53. Paper
    Raman study on hydrogen bond material 5-bromo-9-hydroxyphenalenone
    Y. Kageyama, T. Toyota, S. Murata, T. Sugawara
    J. Phys.:Conf. Ser. 92, 012168 (4 pages) (2007).
  54. Paper
    Negative Magneto-resistance Observed on an Ion-radical Salt of a TTF-based Spin-polarized Donor
    M. M. Matsushita, H. Kawakami, Y. Kawada, T. Sugawara
    Chem Lett. 36, 110-111 (2007).
  55. Paper
    Far Infrared Spectra of Tunneling Protons in Bromo-and Iodo-Hydroxyphenalenone at Low Temperature
    T. Matsuo, O. Yamamuro, A. Inaba, M. Ohama, T. Mochida, T. Sugawara
    Ferroelectrics 347, 110-111 (2007).
  56. Review
    鬼柳亮嗣, 野田幸男, 持田智行, 菅原正
    中性子科学会誌 波紋 17, 168-172 (2007)
  57. Review
    菅原正, 松下未知雄, 川田勇三
    Material Stage 7, 95-99 (2007)
  58. Review
    鬼柳亮嗣, 野田幸男, 持田智行, 菅原正
    日本結晶学会誌 49, 107-114 (2007)

  59. Review
    菅原正, 高倉克人, 正田耕一郎, 鈴木健太郎
    Biol. Sci. Space 20, 10-14 (2006)
  60. Book
    Localized Spins Exchange-coupled with Itinerant Electrons in Organic pi-electronic System
    T. Sugawara, M. M. Matsushita
    「Carbon-Based Magnetism (Eds. T. Makarova, F. Palacio)」, pp.1-22, (Elsevier, 2006)
  61. Paper
    Quantification of Structural Properties of Cell-sized Individual Liposomes by Flow Cytometry
    K. Sato, K. Obinata, T. Sugawara, I. Urabe, T. Yomo
    J. Biosci. Bioeng. 102, 171-178 (2006).
  62. Paper
    Listeria-like Motion of Oil Droplets
    T. Toyota, H. Tsuha, K. Yamada, K. Takakura, T. Ikegami, T. Sugawara
    Chem Lett. 35, 708-709 (2006).
  63. Paper
    Hierarchical Dynamics in the Morphological Evolution from Micelles to Giant Vesicles Induced by Hydrolysis of an Amphiphile
    T. Toyota, K. Takakura, J. Kose, T. Sugawara
    ChemPhysChem 7, 1425-1427 (2006).
  64. Paper
    DNA Polymerization on the Inner Surface of Giant Liposome for Synthesizingan Artificial Cell Model
    K. Shohda, T. Sugawara
    Soft Matter 2, 402-408 (2006).
  65. Paper
    Fluorescence Microscopic Investigation on Morphological Changes of Giant Multilamellar Vesicles Induced by Amphiphilic Additives
    T. Toyota, H. Tsuha, K. Yamada, K. Takakura, K. Yasuda, T. Sugawara
    Langmuir 22, 1976-1981 (2006).
  66. Paper
    Dynamics of 9-Hydroxyphenalenone Studied by One-Dimensional Solid-State Spin Exchange NMR
    D. Kuwahara, H. Koyano, T. Manaka, H. Nakamura, T. Mochida, T. Sugawara
    J. Phys. Chem. A 110, 13731-13735 (2006).
  67. Paper
    Dielectric Properties Associated with Structural Phase Transitions Observed in Tetramethylammonium Salt of o-Phenylenebis (squaric acid)
    S. Yamamura, Y. Sugawara, H. Terao, M. M. Matsushita, T. Sugawara
    Chem Phys. 322, 392-398 (2006).
  68. Paper
    X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism of Size-Selected, Thiolated Gold Clusters
    Y. Negishi, H. Tsunoyama, M.Suzuki, N. Kawamura, M. M. Matsushita, K. Maruyama, T. Sugawara, T. Yokoyama, T. Tsukuda
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128, 12034-12035 (2006).
  69. Paper
    Electron Transport in Networks of Gold Nanoparticles Connected by Oligothiophene Molecular Wires
    S. Taniguchi, M. Minamoto, M. M. Matsushita, T. Sugawara, Y. Kawada, D. Bethell
    J. Mater. Chem. 16, 3459-3465 (2006).
  70. Paper
    An autonomous molecular computing system in cell-sized liposome
    A. Suyama, K. Shohda, D. Kiga, M. Takinoue, Y. Kageyama, T. Sugawara
    NanoBio-Tokyo 2006 357-358 (2006).
  71. Paper
    A high-throughput method to quantify the structural properties of individual cell-sized liposomes by flow cytometry
    K. Sato, K. Obinata, T. Sugawara, I. Urabe, T. Yomo
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3853, 330-337 (2006).
  72. Review
    The State of the Art of Nanobioscience in Japan
    S. Ueno, J. Ando, H. Fujita, T. Sugawara, Y. Jimbo, K. Itaka, K. Kataoka, T. Ushida
    IEEE Trans. Nanobiosci., 5, 1536-1241 (2006).
  73. Review
    野田幸男, 鬼柳亮嗣, 持田智行, 菅原正
    固体物理 41, 699-708 (2006).
  74. Review
    持田智行, 高須勲, 菅原正
    固体物理 41, 507-517 (2006).
  75. Review
    高分子 55, 93 (2006).