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Title: Facilitating Business Improvement by Information Systems using Model Transformation and Metrics
Author(s): Haruhiko Kaiya, Shunsuke Morita, Kenji Kaijiri, Shinpei Hayashi, and Motoshi Saeki.
Source: In Proceedings of the Forum at the CAiSE 2012 Conference (CAiSE 2012 Forum), pp. 106-113, Gdansk, Poland, 28 Jun. 2012. ISSN 1613-0073, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol-453.

Supported by Takahashi Industrial and Economic Foundation, JAPAN (2012)
We propose a method to explore how to improve business by introducing information systems. We use a meta-modeling technique to specify the business itself and its metrics. The metrics are defined based on the structural information of the business model, so that they can help us to identify whether the business is good or not with respect to several different aspects.We also use a model transformation technique to specify an idea of the business improvement. The metrics help us to predict whether the improvement idea makes the business better or not. We use strategic dependency (SD) models in i* to specify the business, and attributed graph grammar (AGG) for the model transformation.
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