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Title: A Systematic Method for Generating Quality Requirements Spectrum
Author(s): Shunichi Suzuki, Tomonori Sato, Masaaki Tanigawa, Akira Osada, Haruhiko Kaiya, and Kenji Kaijiri.
Source: In Proc. of the 24th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing 2009, Volume 1 of 3, pp. 399-400, Honolulu, Hawaii, Mar. 2009. ACM. Track on Requirements Engineering,

Spectrum analysis for quality requirements is useful for measuring and tracking them, but current spectrum analysis largely depends on expertise of each analyst. Therefore, it takes a lot of efforts to perform the analysis and is hard to reuse experiences for such analysis. We introduce domain knowledge called term-characteristic map to improve current spectrum analysis for quality requirements. Through several experiments, we evaluated the improved method for spectrum analysis.
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