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Title: Effects of Thesaurus in Requirements Elicitation
Author(s): Junzo Kato, Motoshi Saeki, Atsushi Ohnishi, Haruhiko Kaiya, and Shuichiro Yamamoto.
Source: In Colette Rolland et al., editor, Proc. of First International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS), pp. 385-400, Ouarzazate, Morocco, Apr. 2007.

We have already established the technique to elicit software requirements by using thesaurus. In this paper, we have a comparative experiment to show the effects of using thesaurus for requirements elicitation. In this experiment, we had two types of subjects; one is the subjects without using the thesaurus and the other one is those with referring to the thesaurus during the requirements elicitation process. We analyzed their resulting requirements and evaluated whether the elicitation process using the thesaurus could improve the correctness and the completeness of the elicited requirements. In addition, we discuss the usability of the thesaurus by investigating how the thesaurus was used.
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