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Title: Practical and Incremental Maintenance of Software Resources in Consumer Electronics Products
Author(s): Kazuma Aizawa, Haruhiko Kaiya, and Kenji Kaijiri.
Source: In IEICE Trans. Inf. and Syst., Vol. E88-D, No. 6, pp. 1117-1125, Jun. 2005.

We introduce a method, so called FC method, for maintaining software resources, such as source codes and design documents, in consumer electronics products. Because a consumer electronics product is frequently and rapidly revised, software components in such product are also revised in the same way. However, it is not so easy for software engineers to follow the revision of the product because requirements changes for the product, including the changes of its functionalities and its hardware components, are largely independent of the structure of current software resources. FC method lets software engineers to restructure software resources, especially design documents, stepwise so as to follow the requirements changes for the product easily. We report an application of this method in our company to validate it. From the application, we can confirm that the quality of software was improved about in twice, and that efficiency of development process was also improved over four times.
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