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Title: Software Evolution Support Using Traceability Link between UML diagrams
Author(s): Hidekazu Omote, Kohta Sasaki, Haruhiko Kaiya, and Kenji Kaijiri.
Source: In Vadim Stefanuk and Kenji Kaijiri, editors, Knowledge-Based Software Engineering, pp. 15-23. IOS Press, Aug. 2004. Proc. of the 6th JCKBSE.

Evolution is indispensable process in software development, so the systematic treatment of evolution is very important. UML becomes a de facto standard for notation in object oriented development, but the relations between each models are not defined clearly in UML, and further a usecase model is not defined in UML. In this paper, in order to support the evolution in object oriented development, we defined a usecase model, an object model, and traceability links between these models. Using these models and links, we proposed a new evolution method. Evolution in design patterns are also considered.
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