Title: PSPをもとにした形式手法有効性確認コースの設計
Author(s): 鈴森 寿之, 海谷 治彦, 海尻 賢二.
Source: 情報処理学会研究報告, Vol. 2003, No. 22, pp. 63-70, Mar. 2003. ソフトウェア工学研究会 140-9.
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VDMを学習している初学者がVDMの有効性を客観的に確認する方法を提案する。 有効性は以下の順で確認する。
  1. 特定ドメインを想定した小規模プログラム演習を数回繰り返えす。
  2. 演習遂行に従い、VDMを段階的に導入する。
  3. 各演習のプロセス・プロダクトのデータをそれぞれ測定する。
  4. 測定データを基に欠陥除去等の変化を測定者に示す。

We propose a method for confirming the usefulness of a formal method during its learning course. A beginner of VDM can confirm its usefulness in the following way. First, He or she practices several number of exercises for software development. These exercises are designed for reflecting a specific problem domain, and techniques in VDM are introduced gradually in the series of the exercises. Second, process and produce data of software development are recorded in each exercise, and they are measured by several metrics. Third, by observing the valiation of a value measured by each metrics during the series of exercises, He or she can confirm the usefulness of suitability of VDM for him or her objective.
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