Title: 代案発生に注目したソフトウェアの共同設計作業における認識不一致の分析
An Analysis of Misunderstandings during Cooperative Software Design with Respect to the Occurrences of Alternatives
Author(s): 海谷治彦
Source: 情報処理学会 論文誌, Vol. 40, No. 11, pp. 3878-3886, Nov. 1999.
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設計作業を分担して行う場合, 設計者間での認識不一致を早期に発見し解消することが重要である. 分担部分間の関係を明確に定義することで, この問題を解決するアプローチもある. しかし, 関係を明確に定義できない場合には不一致が発生していること自体の認識でさえ困難であ る. そこで本稿では, 分担部分間の関係を直接に調べることが困難な場合における 認識不一致の特徴を調べるための実験・分析法を提案し, その適用例を示す. 本方法では, ある作業部分における担当者と非担当者の理解の差を認識不一致と定義し, その不一致の発生を反映している共同作業の特徴の抽出を行う. OMTを用いたソフトウェア設計作業に本方法を適用した結果, 合意のうえで却下された部分は不一致が少ないこと, 不一致となる部分は代案を持つ場合が若干多いこと, 調整作業中における代案どうしの発生パターンに特徴があることが分かった.
It is difficult for collaborative designers to successfully complete their product if they misunderstood with each other. Furthermore, if the parts of the product have no explicit relationships for managing their consistencies, they can not find and correct their misunderstandings by comparing their products directly. In this paper, we propose an experimental method for investigating the characteristics of design processes that are related to the occurrences of misunderstandings. And we apply this method to several pairs of software designers. In this method, we define the misunderstandings as the differences between a product revised by a designer taking its charge, and its image supposed by the other designers. From the result of our experiment, we found that few misunderstandings are found in mutually reject parts, and that the rate of misunderstood parts which have their alternatives are slightly larger than the rate of mutually understood parts, and that the occurrences of alternatives during the coordination phase have a specific characteristics if the alternatives are mutually understood.
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