Title: Preliminary Experiments of A Computer System for Face-to-face Meetings
Authors: Haruhiko Kaiya, Nobuyuki Miura, Go Anai, Tsuyoshi Ebata, Hiroki Nagaoka, and Motoshi Saeki,
Source: Systems and Computers in Japan, Vol.28, No.2, pp. 21--32, Feb. 1997. ISSN 0882-1666. Scripta Technica, Inc. Asubsidiary of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Abstract: We usually have several number of face-to-face meetings to construct a product, such as software specification document. And such product should reflect the contents of the meetings but normally does not. We consider that one of the aims of groupware is making the product reflect the contents. In this paper, we introduce preliminary experiments of a computer system for face-to-face meetings from this point of view. From the analysis of these experiments, in the meetings, workers should use the groupware for recording the contents of discussions and for referring the histories and/or minutes of the previous meetings. And they should use the groupware for editing the histories and for describing the products outside the meetings.
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